Q: How big is your firm?

A: We are a relatively small consulting and training firm. We have less than 10 employees. In addition, we have a stable of contractors that we use when we have need of capacity or specialties relating to a project engagement.

Q: What is the background of your consultants/trainers?

A: All have worked in the financial services world prior to joining the firm. Our executive management staff are all educated and experienced in the areas of their specialty in the firm.

Q: You seem to have a specialty in Wealth Management/Trust. Do you do retail or commercial consulting and training?

A: YES we do. We always have retail or commercial bank clients where we are working on training or consulting projects. We have a series of programs that are designed for banking (Proactive Customer Care , Keeping the phone Ringing, etc) as well as most of our programs apply homogenously to all areas of the bank.

Q: How long has your firm been around?

A: We trace our roots as a firm back to 1977. The current owner (Loyd Pohl) has been working for the firm since 1992 and purchased the firm in 2000.

Q: You seem to have a number of different sales and service related training programs. Will you customize your training to our organization?

A: Absolutely. One of the first steps in most training engagements is a needs assessment. That identified the areas the organization needs to address and we customize our programs accordingly.

Q: Do you work exclusively for Financial Institutions?

A: Yes! The definition of Financial Institutions is broad enough that we can say yes if you include Registered Investment Advisors, Independent Trust Companies, Broker Dealers, Insurance Agencies and Companies, Banks and Trust Departments.