Bank Sales and Service

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For management groups, within our client organizations, or for trade associations. Pohl Consulting & Training can develop presentations on many topics not listed below.

Sales Presentations

Organizing for Sales Success

What are the critical issues that must be addressed in the area of managing real producers? As competition forces banks to sharpen their efforts in the area of sales and marketing, what are the best ways to respond to those issues? This executive level briefing will cover current best practices (and some of the tried and true solutions) in the areas of work load, staff deployment (training and coaching), job descriptions and compensation. Practical suggestions, from our long experience in managing and consulting on sales culture issues in markets and institutions both large and small will be shared.

Proactive Customer Care (On Boarding)

Are you missing the opportunity to off-set a loss in fee income opportunities by creating a  robust retail on boarding program that’s designed to help ensure satisfied customers who maintain stable, low cost deposit accounts and higher average balances? Are product/service mismatches creating a revolving door of unprofitable and dissatisfied customers? Is you on boarding process designed to ensure that the customer takes full advantage of those services that create consistently funded accounts with higher balances and is you retail staff forging the kinds of relationships that enable them to continue the cross-selling effort long after the first 90-days of the new account relationship? This session explores best practices in on boarding, the key mile-stones in the relationship, the critical importance of measuring on boarding contact and the results you expect.

Creating and Maintaining the Well-Oiled Machinery of an Effective Referral Program We’ve all had it happen, a good customer tells us they did business with a competitor because they “didn’t know we offered the service/product they were looking for”. How much easier would it be to reach our goals and how much more satisfied would our customers be if we could count on all our employees to be able to get our customers with unmet financial service needs to those in our organization who can help them with those needs? This session outlines what you need to do to ensure that your organization is primed to identify and address customers’ referral needs—everything from how to educate the staff on clues to a simple, yet effective way, to get the customer with the need in front of the person who can fill that need. What are the most effective rewards and coaching practices to keep the referral behaviors engrained in employees’ everyday practices?


Leadership Presentations

Managing Client Profitability

The key to profitability, efficiency and even growth is client management. This presentation will cover client segmentation – the why and how’s, Standards of Service and some basics of a Retention Calling program. In addition to the presentation, several management tools will be provided that you can take back and use immediately!

Rewarding Sales Performance

It’s not just incentive comp, it’s not just the annual awards banquet, and it’s not just pizza parties. But it is all of these things and more. Success stories and “oops, we won’t do that again” stories. This session covers essentials on planning your total sales reward strategy. Topics include The Basics, The Traps and how to avoid them, Plan Design from Referrals to Sales to Sales Management. You will take away ideas on how to improve an existing compensation plan or if you are just starting on the incentive compensation path, some great plan design concepts and tools!

Executive Sales Leadership

This is a program for the leadership of the sales and service culture development process. This is designed for CEO’s, Presidents and other leaders who, while not managing the day to day development of a program, are critical to the success of your sales and service development endeavor. Are you, the leaders of the organization walking the talk? What do you need to do to “lead the charge”?

Building Your Sales Team

This program focuses on recruiting and selecting staff that fit the culture you are trying to create!  We focus on defining key characteristics of sales people and the process of identifying those characteristics.  You will take away useful ideas on recruiting and selection including tools to assist in the interviewing process. This presentation helps you answer the question, Should I hire someone with experience who promises to bring a book of business or am I better off taking a different path?