Client Surveys

Client Satisfaction Survey

Are your clients raving fans or shopping for someone better? In today’s world of expanding client expectations, ensuring that your top-tier clients are satisfied simply isn’t good enough. You need to make sure your clients are raving fans. Why? Raving fans create your best opportunities for business growth through referrals. AND, they are more likely to be loyal, long-term clients. Do you really know

  • If you have highly satisfied clients or are they on the fence and vulnerable or even dissatisfied and shopping around for someone else to manage their financial services relationship?
  • How likely are your clients to refer business to you?
  • What do your clients think of the job you are doing for them?

A client survey ensures that you see your business through the eyes of your clients. Asking clients to weigh in on how you are doing impresses upon them your commitment to excellence and provides you with the early warning signs you need to address emerging issues.

Select an approach that best meets your needs:

  • Survey via mail or email—a cost-effective, efficient approach to reach out to a targeted number of clients. Client satisfaction is measured in key areas—no more guessing about how your clients feel. Annualized resurveying enables creation of a baseline from which you can monitor trends and intervene as appropriate.

Telephone Interview Survey—a more personal approach to gauging client satisfaction in key areas. Data can be gathered in a short period of time. Typically higher client response rate ensures that a more complete picture emerges. This is a “high touch,” relationship-driven approach to measuring client satisfaction.

Here’s how it works:

  • We come onsite and collaborate with management to assess primary data desired from the survey.   We provide guidance in identifying the key areas considered critical to client satisfaction—it’s not, as you know, as simple as investment performance or how well they “like” their relationship manager. We keep the survey brief. Questions focus your clients on the core benefits of the service and expertise you provide.
  • We facilitate the survey process including receipt of responses and collation. And, of course, we conduct the Telephone Interviews ourselves.
  • All survey options include an onsite presentation of findings, a summary report that outlines the findings, and a discussion with the management team on the implications of the findings.

Here’s the choice:

  1. Continue to do business as usual– this will ensure that this time next year you’ll know exactly as much as you do now about what your clients think of your business. You will not know why those who have taken their business elsewhere have done so. You will not know who may be ready to follow them out the door.

Work with Pohl Consulting and Training, Inc. to give your relationship managers the tools they need to grow the business and ensure that your clients are raving fans!