Individual Performance Coaching

Sales and performance

Ideal or any sales person wanting to move to the next level, or new sales people learning to apply a sales process, or those struggling to meet increased expectations.

Not every organization has someone with the time or expertise to devote to sales coaching for key individuals. At the same time we know that without sales coaching people are unlikely to improve. Personal coaching provides a supportive environment where true sales coaching can have a dramatic effect of performance.  It brings a sense of urgency to the sales process in a work environment where many distractions exist to divert attention from the prospecting and sales effort.  It focuses the sales person’s efforts on the activities that are most important in the sales process and improve time management. It is an individualized approach to sales and performance improvement.

Our personal coaching plan involves four key elements:

  • Planning — an assessment of current referral sources, pipeline depth and sales skills.   Development of a personal business plan if needed.
  • Commitment —a contracting discussion—a “meeting of the minds” about the activities needed to be successful. The coach’s and the sales person’s responsibilities are clearly articulated.
  • Follow-up —The sales person is coached in face-to-face meetings and scheduled telephone meetings to overcome barriers, improve areas of weakness and maximize opportunities to generate new business.
  • Management Communication – The sales person’s progress, and areas of needed improvement are shared with the sales person’s manager. When the sales person is the manager, this is incorporated in the Follow Up.

Often, sales training is incorporated into the overall plan. The Personal Coaching supplements, supports and reinforces the process and skills taught in sales training.  Personal coaching maximizes the return on the training investment.

Personal coaching is ideal for any sales person including those who are successful but want to move to the next level of production, new sales people learning to apply a sales process, sales people struggling to meet increased expectations, and one-person departments where there are no internal support systems for coaching.

While personal coaching is often focused on sales performance, any area of performance can be positively affected by personal coaching.