Training Needs Assessment

Current conditions and desired conditions.

The first step in any improvement program is an assessment of the current situation.

We’d never suggest that one size fits all when it comes to training—especially when the topics are service, sales and sales management and coaching. Understanding and addressing your employees’ specific needs is critical if training is to be successful. Our training is designed to help your organization meet your unique business goals. Our approach is to tailor instruction to help employees fill the gap between their current skill level and what’s needed to meet your business goals. Our needs assessment process is designed to get employee buy-in to training via this key step in the training and planning process.


Identify the specific training needs of those who are charged with the sales and service role and those who are responsible for providing the coaching support that’s needed. Promote buy-in to training and skill development as an integral part of meeting business objectives and highly satisfied clients and customers.


Our methodology is tailored to the needs of your organization and commonly includes:

  • Analysis of what the organization needs to meet its goals.
  • Analysis of what the employees need in terms of their sales and service skill development and what supervisors need in terms of sales management disciplines, tools and coaching skills to support the sales and service culture.
  • We review current sales/service data to identify the gaps between desired performance and the current situation.
  • We use our proprietary, computer-based surveys, structured one-on-one interviews, review job descriptions, organization structure and sales management tools as part of our needs identification process.
  • A comprehensive picture of needs is validated by sharing with employees and supervisors the data we collect. This includes an outline of how Pohl Consulting and Training, Inc. will address the identified needs and how we can work with the organization to ensure that follow-up can be handled internally.

One of our philosophical ideals is that we want to help you be self-sufficient and not dependent on Pohl Consulting to drive your sales and service culture.