ProActive Customer Care, Retail

A client management
system by Pohl.

Designed specifically for the new accounts people at the retail banking level. See your staff enhance their skills in needs-based selling from the Retail Bank platform!

Does anyone on your new accounts team see “SELL” as a four letter word? Is your New Accounts team as efficient and effective as they should be? How effective are they at identifying customer needs in both the short term and over the life of the relationship? Are they able to create “raving fans” who wouldn’t consider doing business elsewhere and who recommend you to others? Is there room for improvement? Our “Selling is Helping” approach— Customer Care System™ — builds on the solid customer relationships your staff has developed and enhances their skills in needs-based selling from the Retail Bank platform. It embraces the value of service excellence and provides the skills and process training to deliver a higher level of services that include and ensure that the customer’s needs are met, not just in the initial account opening but long after.

Our Customer Care System™ is designed specifically for the new accounts people at the retail banking level. No matter whether they are called New Accounts or Personal Bankers or Customer Service Representatives or by any other name, people who help customers get what they want (by opening checking, savings, or investment accounts) can benefit from Customer Care.

Customer Care is not just a training program, it is a client management system. Designed by successful new accounts people and fully customized by your staff for your institution, the Customer Care System™ makes sales and service synonymous. You will have happier customers, increased job satisfaction among the staff, and more sales. It’s a great combination.

Customer Care benefits the individual employee, the customer and the bank. There are six steps to success using this program:

  1. Commitment. Make the decision to introduce and use the system bank-wide.
  2. Scheduling. Establish the staff training date(s). A full-day training session is required for each new accounts staff member, in groups of 16 or less.
  3. Preparation. Two to four weeks prior to training, new accounts / bank management meets with our representative to customize all forms. The bank prints the forms and we create the workbooks/schedulers for use in training and thereafter.
  4. Training. A full day session after which the new accounts process is changed to the Customer Care SystemSM.
  5. Monitoring. A return by our representative should be scheduled from two to four weeks following the introduction, interviewing the new accounts staff individually or in small groups. This way, we get assurance that the process is being followed and can make possibly make adjustments to the forms if necessary.
  6. Management. Measurements put in place by the sales manager with the degree of assistance from us to be determined by need.

That’s all there is to it – and it works!