Prospecting and Follow Up Discipline

Unique one-day
training program.

Participants in our “Prospecting and Follow-Up” class learn to effectively make that first important step to “hook” the customer.

What is the hardest part of making a sale? If you said “closing the deal,” you could be mistaken! We have found that the most difficult part of the process for most salespeople is “prospecting” – getting the potential customer to a point of interest where they are inclined to make a purchase. Because of this, we have created a one-day training program that focuses entirely on the prospecting component of the sales process.

Effective sales training for financial services employees is:
• Relationship-focused
• Industry-specific
• Able to provide opportunities to practice the skills learned
• Able to provide both a sales process and sales skill development

Included in the program is an orientation session to learn your organization’s existing sales infrastructure and go over the agenda, customizing some areas for your particular situation as necessary (for example, the portions that address contact management and referral incentives).

What do participants learn from the Prospecting and Follow-Up class?
• The math that drives a successful salesperson
• The understanding of the discipline necessary to be successful at prospecting
• A methodology to improve the number of returned calls
• The differing value of different types of referrals (and how to upgrade the quality of a referral)
• The principles of generating client referrals in an easy two-step process
• The principles of generating referrals from outside “centers of influence”
• How to generate internal referrals – from each other!
• Understanding the value of and the ability to manage the sales pipeline
• The value of utilizing the introductory “General Benefit Statement”

Pohl Consulting and Training, Inc. can bring you the skills to effectively train your people in how to make that first important step to “hook” the customer. Done consistently and correctly, the process leads to a customer who receives a solution to their problem as well as a new sale for the company.