Trust Compliance Retainer

Creating a Relationship
for On-going Support

This program, for a flat quarterly fee, designates one of our experienced professionals to work directly with you to provide support and guidance customized to your needs.

Our compliance retainer program establishes a relationship with on of our experienced consultants to provide on-going support for your compliance program.  Do you need advice or just a resource to help strategize about your compliance issues? A retainer relationship gives our consultants an opportunity to develop a deep understanding of your organization in order to provide focused recommendations.

Participants in our Compliance Retainer program:

  1. Work directly with an experienced professional during two visits to your organization per year to identify and address your most pressing compliance needs,
  2. have direct access to an experienced professional, via phone or email, for assistance and guidance with your specific regulatory and compliance needs,
  3. utilize one of our consultants to review your compliance monitoring reports on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis providing comment and recommendations on compliance concerns and trends,
  4. receive a quarterly compliance commentary, and
  5. obtain a 10% discount on other consulting services provided by Pohl consultants, such as:

* Policy, Supervisory Procedures and Code of Ethics Review and Update

* Compliance Staff Training

* Examination remediation

* Mock Examination

At the same time that regulatory pressure is increasing and more complex, the availability of quality, experienced compliance professionals is limited.   Our Compliance Retainer program is a valuable means to obtain hands on support from experienced industry veterans to support you in managing your Trust compliance program.