Change Agent Services

The only constant is business today is change.  Innovation is essential, and an organization needs to be adept at turning strategy into reality, and nimble in adapting to new technology.

The motivation of change can be restructuring structural effectiveness, organizational improvement and/or leveraging changing technologies.  A Change Agent provides an approach tailored to your organizational needs.  They will act as researcher, facilitator, counselor and trainer with a focus that is as much about people, as it is about process.  Our Change Agent Service facilitates the introduction of change through change leadership protocols:

  • STEP ONE – Discover

Behavior and attitude motivate actions.  Understanding the motivators can provide clues that will help address what is preventing change from happening.  Removal of these obstacles will bring about success.  Discovery is often a component of training.

  • STEP TWO – Promote

Change Agents will gain support for an initiative by encouraging participation and engaging personnel who are often busy with other activities.

  • STEP THREE – Counsel

There is a fear of change, and a Change Agent understands this.  Open dialogue addresses emotions and encourages open doors.   It bridges personnel’s attitudes and participationin making change.

  • STEP FOUR – Facilitate

One of the key activities of a change agent is to help people change.  Understanding the change and adopting it to a design that creatively and efficiently integrates the change that meets your organizational needs enables people to succeed as they move through change.

  • STEP FIVE – Mediate

Different groups or people often have opposing priorities.  A Change Agent will manage conflict and establish shared common and achievable goals.  The role is designed to bridge differences, reduce friction, and establish collaboration in the implementation of change.

  • STEP SIX – Investigate and Enforce

The program ensures that established goals, targets and due dates are met.  Through active participation it keeps people focused and on track in meeting objectives and ensure that appropriate rewards, or discipline, are administered.

Pohl Consulting and Training understands change, especially for the fiduciary.  We know the business and understand the rules, regulations and industry trends.  We are sensitive to our unique market and the importance of individuality in delivery.  We recognize that regulation and technology are a powerful driver of change, but people are the key to successful adoption of any change.  We can help you introduce new technology, controls or philosophy.