Policy and Procedure Writing and Review

As the business world evolves, so too do our processes. Transitioning individuals and teams as an organization matures is commonplace.  Re-directing the use of resources impacts processes, and sometimes the alignment with written procedures and policies.

Policy and procedure documentation drives organizational performance. Policy and procedure manuals routinely provide guidance for senior management and line-staff.  They provide invaluable step-by-step protocol and instructions to follow during business recovery.  They are also used by internal and external auditors to determine the effectiveness of business controls and overall business practices.

Auditors and regulators will typically start an engagement with a review of policies and procedures and build an exam to validate that employees are complying with internal control directives.  The intent is to avoid the disruption of workflow, the reality often becomes explaining process changes made, but not properly documented.

Pohl Consulting and Training understands the modern day workplace and can help through a full assessment and alignment of your procedure and policy documentation.  We partner with all levels of management in gaining an understanding of your risk culture, and ensure that specific control points within processes  address  assessed risk and severity exposures.

We can help you:

  • Define the policies and procures right for you organization and corporate structure
  • Determine policies and procedures that may be missing
  • Partner with you employees to create or revise procedures to accurately reflect process
  • Review current policies and procedures to determine alignment with industry best practices
  • Create associated workflows
  • Fortify employee policy and procedure knowledge through training
  • Ensure key policies and procedure are in place and followed, such as:
    • Employee Code of Conduct
    • Information Security
    • Business Continuity
    • Loss and Fraud Control
    • Recordkeeping and Confirmation Requirements
    • Third party provider monitoring
    • Regulation R
    • Conflicts of Interest
    • Periodic Account Review

Well written and properly communicated policies and procedures foster employee morale, build confidence, and promote satisfaction and productivity. Staying on top of all the risks, threats and vulnerabilities to business today includes ensuring our documentation is current and understood.