Temporary Staffing for Trust Operations Professional Positions

When you lose an operations officer/manager it is almost always “at a bad time”.  While you may have operations staff to do the daily work, you will often find that you do not have very good options for supervision / management of the operations area.

Maybe one of your Trust officers has a an operations background but that may or may not be recent AND they already have a full time job.  One option – while you look for a permanent solution – is for us to find you a temporary Operations Manager.

Contractor Option:

The Trust Professional will be asked to play a role in the organization that does not require they be an officer-employee of the bank.  In certain situations, they could be approved for certain authorities by action of the board.   Generally this option is for shorter engagements.

 Employee Option:

The Trust Professional will be asked to play a role in the organization that requires they be an officer-employee of the bank.  They will be approved as a Trust Officer by action of the board and will be granted appropriate authority for the position.  Generally this option anticipates a 90 day or longer engagement.

The resumes of the candidates will support the role they are being asked to fill.  Reference and background checks are usually required and would be done by your organization.   They will typically be expected to go through the same processing as any new employee candidate– drug testing, credit check, etc.

A minimum commitment will be established for the engagement:

  • The candidate will be asked to commit to at least the minimum time for this engagement.
  • The candidate may or may not have the flexibility to extend the employment past the minimum. That will depend in the candidate and the situation.

Employee Compensation

A weekly contract amount will be negotiated between Pohl Consulting and Training, Inc. and the employer.  The amount will depend on the project, the candidate and the circumstances.  Pohl Consulting and Training will compensate the employee.  Travel Expenses would be covered by the employer to and from the community and while conducting business in the community market.  Every effort would be made by the employee to moderate the expenses.  The expenses would be covered – whenever possible and practical – by the employer directly.  Expenses incurred and paid by the employee would be reimbursed no less often than monthly.