Trust Accounting System Conversion Project Management

Everything about financial services has become more complex and competitive. The only constant is change, and the need for periodic organizational transformation. Process modifications and organizational alteration is required to roll out best-in-class technologies and create competitive advantage. Still, change can result in conflict and barriers to adoption.

Best practices suggest an unbiased project manager that can provide leadership, direction, and project management skills. That requires diplomacy and a clear understanding of our unique businesses. The implementation of new technologies doesn’t guarantee success alone.

Organizational transformation isn’t just about implementation, it’s also about integration and acceptance. It’s the people side of technology and business that creates success and profitability.

Pohl Consulting and Training, Inc. can assist you in the planning, preparation and implementation needs of your trust accounting system conversion from initial design to supporting strategies to facilitate the adoption of objectives through active participation and multi-level collaboration. We have a unique understanding of the trust and fiduciary business, including it’s products and technologies. We can assist with:

  • Onsight assessments
  • Training design for new system configurations
  • Code mapping
  • Testing, monitoring and quality control
  • Planning and meeting coordination
  • Project plan construction and enforcement
  • Pre and post implementation training
  • Oversight of data, cash and security reconciliations
  • Procedural reviews and revisions
  • Follow-up projects as required

Effective conversions aren’t just about empowerment of a project team. Successful conversions require a team that can stay focused on the objective while at the same time managing their day jobs. That can be a real challenge for any organization, particular those with limited resources. That’s where we can help, by embracing the organizational goals, defining project ownerships and accountabilities, establishing deliverables and deadlines, and working collectively with you team to achieve your ultimate objective through all the stages of conversion.

The declaration of the objective. To clearly establish the goal while at the same time creating priorities and achievable target objectives. The vision is articulated in the project plan.

Training cultivates acceptance and brings a team together and active collaboration will foster innovation and creativity both during implementation and after.

Pohl Consulting and Training, Inc. provides a highly skilled team of unbiased professionals who understand the need and importance of organization transformation through conversions. We’ve been there, we’ve don’t it before, and we can help you.