Due Diligence

It’s about strategic

We have the background, experience and national exposure to make the divestiture process go smoothly.

Acquiring financial services organizations to supplement or expand your offerings is an exciting and challenging process. Approached positively, with foresight and vision, it can be the most important and profitable process in your organization’s history! Ultimately it can maximize the value of your franchise.

As regulations change, competition heightens, and profitability demands grow, many banks are seeking to acquire departments, companies, insurance agencies, investment advisory firms or brokerage operations. The usual plan is to integrate those acquisitions with existing operations. But first you have to make a deal. A good deal!

A key step in the negotiation of a good deal is the Due Diligence process. At Pohl Consulting and Training, Inc. we have the experience and expertise to participate on your team, provide specific services to your team or play a leadership role in your team process.

Culture clashes, lack of understanding of the business, different regulatory issues, and emotional commitments or biases are just some of the factors which cause difficulties in conducting the due diligence using only internal resources. We provide the unbiased perspective and industry experience to overcome many of these difficulties.

Due Diligence (from our perspective) is a two layered process. The first is a “higher level” due diligence about the organization and its staff and its service, sales and risk management infrastructure. The second is Due Diligence at the account level. It is important to note that regulators are expecting account level due diligence in an acquisition. A typical account level due diligence process would look at 100% of certain types accounts and a lesser percentage of the rest.

If you need help with either type due diligence – whether part of your team or leading the process, we can be called upon to:

  • Assess the true cash flow potential of the existing customer base
  • Assess the sales capacity of the producers
  • Assess the range and appropriateness of the companies being utilized
  • Assess organizational infrastructure (Management, Staffing, Reporting, Support)
  • Assess Sales Management Infrastructure (Management, Goal Setting, Tracking Systems)
  • Assess compensation plans as they exist in the target organization
  • Assess cultural issues in target and acquiring organizations for potential synergies and conflicts.
  • Evaluate the value of the target organization compared to preliminary price negotiations.
  • Evaluate at the account level all types of accounts, the documentation and conduct an account level risk assessment.

Our 30 plus years of experience makes Pohl Consulting and Training, Inc. exceptionally qualified to help you on the road to success in today’s competitive environment. The knowledge gained over those years is what makes us unique and successful in working with our clients.