Mortgage Sales, Keep the Phone Ringing…

On-site in
your location.

Pohl Consulting & Training, Inc. offers a 6-hour program on-site in your location for groups of ten or more Mortgage Loan Originators. Call (800) 677-7432.

A mortgage originator’s ability to generate significant amounts of business without considerable effort is history.  The refinance boom, and the business it is, is no more!  Today, even the most experienced mortgage business developers find their calling and business development skills are rusty.  If an originator’s career began during the refinance boom, calling and business development skills were never needed.  Today these are basic survival skills.

Participants in this workshop learn how to:

  • develop key relationships and build a productive referral channel
  • communicate effectively with clients and centers-of-influence (COIs)
  • execute the sales disciplines necessary to maintain solid referral sources and build repeat business
  • set realistic call goals and identify appropriate goals for each type of call you will make
  • craft general benefit statements—the key to getting appointments with COIs and others who may refer business
  • establish and use a client management system to ensure your business development

Participants leave the workshop prepared to generate a consistently growing, profitable source of leads and referrals to contribute to:

  • increased fee income
  • new customers base
  • increased profits
  • higher levels of customer service
  • value added to your service delivery system

We offer this 6-hour program on-site in your location for groups of 10 Mortgage Loan Originators and those who supervise the Mortgage Area or more or through state’s banking association. Call us for details.

Pohl Consulting and Training, Inc. has a long-track record of success in providing the skills and sales discipline training that organizations need to support their sales efforts.