Strategic Planning Facilitation

Focused on making
results happen.

“Strategic Planning Facilitation” has been found to be invaluable to many organizations! Planning helps develop consensus, commitment and strategy.

Strategic planning is intended to set an organization on a path toward certain financial results.  Traditional Financial Planning often focuses on the numbers as the Plan, rather than the numbers being an expression of the plan.  Our Strategic Planning approach focuses on how the organization is going to make those results happen.

We provide Strategic Planning to leadership of organizations and/or to business units within an organization.  When working with business units, strategic planning often overlaps into business planning.

Many organizations find our targeted strategic planning designed to focus on a specific area of opportunity to be invaluable.  Targeted strategic planning helps develop consensus, commitment and strategy to pursue that opportunity.  Examples include:
“Organizational Commitment to a CRM Solution,”  “Should we Start a Trust Department (or any other new business line),”  “Should we branch or close branches” and/or the annual Strategic planning review/update session.  (You may call on us to facilitate follow-up sessions regardless of whether or not we facilitated the initial program.)

Our template for the Strategic Planning process follows traditional lines which includes:

  • Pre Session Orientation with Leadership
  • Pre Session Homework for participants (Reading and Exercises)
  • Mission and Vision Statement Development or Enhancement
  • Strategic Performance Goal Development (with Prioritization)
  • Internal and External Scans
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, Threat Assessments
  • Strategic Action Plan Development
  • Departmental Objectives (which lead to Business Planning)
  • Financial Impact Analysis of Strategic Goals

What makes our approach distinctive is that we start with the template and adjust based on the culture of the organization and its leadership, the objectives for the process established by leadership, and the planning experience level of the team(s).