Trust Fee Projects

Utilizing our

The goal of “Trust Fee Projects” is usually rather simple:
Increase revenue while minimizing client reaction.
We can help you with both of those challenges!

The goal of a Fee Project is usually rather simple:  Increase revenue while minimizing client reaction.  We can help you with both of those challenges!  Sometimes a Fee Project is more focused on structuring a Fee Schedule to fit your new perspective on the market.  Sometimes a Fee Project is largely focused on increasing revenue.  Either way, we can help!  Utilizing our assistance in this project will:

  • Speed the process by not “reinventing the wheel.”
  • Allow you to focus your management attention on other, more urgent matters.
  • Provide a step-by-step implementation process that is rational and likely to be accepted by your team.
  • Maximize the odds of minimizing the client reaction.


The process of enhancing your Fee Income involves:

Assessing the Market, Developing a Plan and Defining the Process/Timeline

Your current fee schedule and fee integrity will be reviewed and assessed.  Structure and format options will be discussed and the direction of your document determined.  We will provide a PRICECOMPARE™  report as part of this assessment stage.  PRICECOMPARE is a database of fee schedules that can be sorted and evaluated for valid comparison to your unique market.

Develop the Ultimate Fee Schedule

We will help you develop the “ultimate” fee schedule document.  We identify products that need to be added or expanded, special services pricing that needs to be added, and generally create a comprehensive fee schedule document.  We will provide additional PRICECOMPARE reports as part of this step in the process.


Define the Phase-In Process

We will help you determine how and when the new fee schedule will be applied.  In this process, we will establish the system and protocol for monitoring and managing the implementation process, including developing the fee exception report and incorporating the fee schedule review into the annual account review.  We will assist you in creation of the Impact Analysis that will compare your current fees to your current published schedule and the proposed schedule(s).


Implement the New Schedule for New Clients and Certain Existing Clients

The phase-in plan usually starts with immediate implementation for new clients.  The plan may call for moving certain client segments to the schedule immediately.


Phase-In with Existing Clients

The components of this step are:

  1. Selling the new schedule to the team
  2. Selling the new schedule to the clients