Developing Career Paths

Developing Career Paths.

One of the most frequently-quoted reasons for leaving an employer is “there wasn’t an opportunity to grow.” Growth within an organization doesn’t always mean moving up. There are many growth opportunities in moving laterally and/or across division/department lines. Creating career paths that have opportunities to learn more, enhance skills and increase responsibilities is the key to creating employee loyalty and strengthening the organization.

By having a career path in place, employees see that you value them for the work they are able to do now and that there’s opportunity for growth and that there is support from the top down in facilitating this career growth and the interests of the individual. A career path identifies logical steps to pursue skill development and potential job advancement.

Clearly defined Career Paths can help attract new hires and retain and further develop the talent you presently employ. Take advantage of Pohl Consulting and Training, Inc.’s knowledge of the industry and what it takes to be successful to help you create career paths that support your organization’s strategic plan and your succession plans.