Pay for Performance Plan Design

Attract and retain
the best people.

Pohl designs customized Pay for Performance programs that work for the organization, for the individual and for the stockholders.

How confident are you that your Pay for Performance System is designed to attract and retain the best people—those who are uniquely qualified to understand and fulfill your clients’ needs?  The market for  personal and business financial services is complex and competitive.  You can’t afford to lose your talent pool.

Pohl Consulting and Training, Inc. designs customized Pay for Performance programs that work- for the organization, for the individual and for the stockholders. We can help your organization design a plan to ensure that both your company and your employees win.

Have you ever noticed that people who are successful in the sales of asset management and trust services often go to work for non-bank competitors?  Have you noticed that people who are unsuccessful in sales for non-bank competitors often come looking for a job in the bank?  Compensation is often a factor in this phenomenon.

Professionals who manage relationships need to be compensated in a manner and at a level consistent with their abilities.   If you are to compete with the other providers of financial services, you need to compete via a staff which is at least their equivalent. You need to compensate people based upon their accomplishments.  That means pay for performance plans.

We help develop or redesign Pay for Performance plans to reward referral behavior, sales behavior, service behavior, management behavior and operational behaviors.

Successful Pay for Performance programs are:

  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Structured to reward behavior which supports the organization’s unique objectives and culture
  • Designed to reward performance beyond the norm

Our thirty years of experience at designing compensation systems coupled with your understanding of the market in which you operate will permit us, working together, to create the right system for your organization.