In today’s competitive environment, it’s
imperative to know how your fee schedule
compares to your competition.

Data gathering consists of calling colleagues at other banks and asking for copies of their
published fee schedules – resulting in weeks and sometimes months of research.

• Provides the detailed pricing information that will help you develop
future pricing strategies and select new fee schedules faster and with greater confidence.
• Reduces the amount of time your officers spend gathering and analyzing competitive
information for budgeting and re-pricing studies, shifting your focus to revenue growth.

Trust managers find Pricecompare™  a valuable tool for many reasons:
• Helps develop new pricing strategies and fee schedules.
• Allows competitive or individual fee schedules to be selected.
• Analyzes account sizes and variables for viewing differences in pricing strategies.
• Provides reports of tables or graphs to analyze the pricing information.

Report fee: $995

For more information contact:
Loyd Pohl, CEO
Pohl Consulting and Training, Inc

Pricecompare™ Overview