Trust Performance Benchmarking
Trustcompare® is the most comprehensive performance benchmarking tool for measuring and analyzing performance, profitability and productivity over time.

Trustcompare analyzes performance from several perspectives. From one perspective, trust performance benchmarking involves measuring and comparing assets, income, expenses and profits to your peers and your industry. From another, it considers your financial
impact on the organization as a whole. This includes your contribution to the bank or holding company.

Are you asking or being asked any of the following questions?

How did I do last year compared to others?
What do I need to change to improve my organization’s performance?
Are my staffing costs in line with the industry?
Am I converting assets to revenue at a rate consistent with the industry?
Is the overhead I’m being allocated reasonable based on my peers?

The Trustcompare report provides a detailed summary of your key metrics. This includes performance benchmarking to your peers by revenue size and operations model. Additionally, you are benchmarked against all Trustcompare subscribers (a sample of our overall industry).

You will receive a physical and PDF version of the report. The PDF version will allow you to extract individual graphs for inclusion in presentations to your management or Trust Committee. Additionally, our expert team is available to to go over the results with you.

Certain people in your organization may have exclusive access to data we ask for. For this reason, multiple members of your staff can have access to our SSL encrypted online data entry system.  In most cases, we ask for detailed information for the most recent 2 years and totals for the latter 3 years.

Core Metrics Version

Intended for organizations with greater than $1 million in revenue, the version of the Trustcompare report features 85+ pages of profitability, productivity, and efficiency metrics. The report also breaks out data by product line. Data for assets, accounts, revenues, expenses, and staff are collected to build the report, as well as some select organizational information.

The Core Metrics report provides invaluable information for analyzing, planning, and managing your organization.

View a Trustcompare Core Metrics Sample Report HERE

Growth & Productivity Version

This version of the Trustcompare report was specifically designed for those organizations with less than $1 million in revenue. These organizations generally have smaller staffs and not enough time for the data collection and entry process.  Instead, we load your call report data into our system for you. You will only need to enter staff information. The Growth & Productivity version report features 45+ pages of metrics, and includes product line detail data and historical trend information.

Although the data collection and entry requirements are reduced with the Growth & Productivity version, the value of the final report is substantial. It will provide you with the data you need to successfully understand and manage your organization.

View a Trustcompare Growth and Productivity Sample Report HERE