Post Examination Consulting

Post Examination
Response Assistance.

A poor examination report and or a down grade in trust ratings jeopardizes all of the trust department other accomplishments.

If you experience an examination / audit that identifies areas of your trust organization needing serious attention, our experienced trust professionals will help your team respond.

Why should my trust organization consider Post Examination Response Assistance

Regulatory examinations are a reoccurring reality of the trust world.  A poor examination report and or a down grade in trust ratings jeopardizes all of the trust department other accomplishments.  Plans for the future must be put on hold until problems from the past, identified in the examination report are corrected.  Even when those problems are corrected, examiners will continue to monitor closely the corrections to ensure that the corrections continue to avoid futher problems.  The need for your trust department to continue to address this former problems is a drag on the trust department resources and the bank wide resources.  Future profitablity is negatively affected by this ongoing distraction. Once the problem is identified the more aggressive and proactive the remediation the better to limit the short and long term effect on the trust department and the bank.  Is is important to remember that examination findings that are not remediated properly and that do not stay corrected will result in your regulartory involving the board of directors and board members personally to ensure appropriate remediation.

The Post Examination Response Assistance is a valuable tool to quickly and proactively avoid negative effects on profitability, reduces the trust exam affecting the rest of the bank and limits the need to involve the board members on an individual basis.

What are the Specific benefits to my trust organization from Post Examination Response Assistance

Post Examination Response is usually an urgent, highly visible and emotional project for your entire organization and without external help it can seriously impact the other priorities of your team – such as client service, business development and the myriad of other projects you might have underway.  All of which affect profitability and likely your next exam or audit as well as the attitude toward the trust department within your organization.    Utilizing an experienced third party can be very positively perceived by regulators and senior management in that you have taken the concerns seriously, obtained professional help and have addressed the concerns aggressively and proactively.