On-Demand Sales Workshop for Millennial INVESTMENT Advisors

Sales Training Workshop for Millennial Investment Advisors

Empower the sales and book development skills of your newer, Millennial team members. Give them the tools to grow their business.

$700 for 1-2 participants
$1100 for 3+ participants

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Training Workshop – Investment Advisory Prospecting & Sales 101

In less than one day, arm your Millennial Investment Advisors with everything they need to create a thriving practice

If your Millennial Investment Advisors are new to your RIA or lack business development and sales experience, our virtual training workshop can get them up to speed in just a few short hours.

Run by financial services industry expert and former RIA Jeff Bell, Investment Advisory Prospecting & Sales 101 teaches RIAs proven strategies and best practices for finding, engaging, and converting prospects.

This virtual workshop can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your company and typically runs four to six hours.

About Jeff Bell, Director of RIA and Advisory Consulting, Pohl Consulting and Training

Director of RIA and Advisory Consulting

Jeff has more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. He started his career as a financial advisor at a national broker-dealer, then went on to become a regional director at two turnkey asset management platforms (TAMPs), a senior managing director at a bank, and a vice president of wealth management at an RIA.

Jeff has spoken at several industry conferences on various practice management and investment topics. His experience working with financial advisory clients and independent financial advisory firms across the country enables him to bring a unique perspective to his advisory consulting work.  

What your team will learn:

  • Practical and proven strategies for generating qualified leads.
  • How to convert prospects to clients faster using relationship-building and follow-up best practices.
  • Strategies for growing your book of business with client endorsements and referrals.
  • How to set yourself apart from the competition by building prospect trust and confidence.

Topics covered can include:

In the financial services industry, relationships are everything. Attendees will learn strategies and tips that will cultivate meaningful connections, build trust and confidence, and transform prospects into valued, long-term clients.

Lead generation
Jeff will share strategies that leverage digital marketing, professional associations, events, public information, and more to amplify reach and find new prospects. Special focus will be given to how Millennial Investment Advisors can build a following and generate leads using LinkedIn.

Leads from referrals convert 30% better and generate 16% more profits than leads generated from other channels. * Jeff will provide a simple, step-by-step process for obtaining referrals from your existing clients and network. He will also share practical tips, techniques, and creative ideas for generating high-quality referrals that will grow your business.

Follow-up best practices
Many advisors lose out on new business simply because they don’t follow up with prospects consistently or appropriately. Attendees will learn how to optimize follow-up frequency and timing, as well as how to maximize response rates with the right messages.

Complimentary extras
All workshop attendees receive three eBooks free of charge:

  • 15 Ways to Grow Your Practice
  • 6 Steps for Generating More Referrals
  • Mastering Financial Advisory Follow-Up

* “The Importance of Referral Marketing,” invesp, April 2023.

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