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Integrating Trust and Brokerage

This topic is a major issue for organizations with multiple financial services delivery channels within their institution.   The goals that an organization is seeking to meet are: Meet a broad range of financial needs of clients, Increase Fee Revenue to replace loss of spread income, Maximize profit and return on investment , Deliver Services to clients effectively and efficiently. Conflicts and overlaps between the delivery channels risk all of those goals!

How do you work through the challenges? We will go through the phases of integration and discuss the challenges and opportunities in each Phase. The discussions will include the checklist of issues that will have to be addressed as your organization goes through the integration process.

Rewarding Sales Performance

Compensation in the wealth management arena is complicated, Balancing retention of quality people with profitability concerns has and will always be a challenge. Structuring a compensation plan must be done with an understanding of an organizations unique culture, goals and other circumstances. There are, however, some common elements that should be considered as you design or re-design your compensation plan.

It’s not just incentive comp, it’s not just the annual awards banquet, it’s not just pizza parties. But it is all of these things and more. Success stories and “oops, we won’t do that again” stories.  Plan your total sales reward strategy. Topics include The Basics, The Traps and how to avoid them, Plan Design from Referrals to Sales to Sales Management.  You will take away ideas how to improve an existing compensation plan or if you are just starting on the incentive compensation path, some great plan design concepts and tools! The program will also include best practices for design of pay for performance plans for focused on sales and service behaviors and results.

Building Your Sales Team

This program focuses on recruiting and selecting staff that fit the culture you are trying to create!  We focus on defining key characteristics of sales people and the process of identifying those characteristics. You will take away useful ideas on recruiting and selection including tools to assist in the interviewing process.

Bullet Proofing your Program

This executive level session is to present and discuss how you can strengthen your program and ensure that it can withstand Advisor turnover and other natural disasters. Advisor loyalty programs and client retention programs are key components of this program. How can you and your bank make the program and the client base really yours?

How to build an Internal Referral Network

The topics addressed will include Referral programs in an integrated organization, Seek for the Silver Bullet solution, Three components to a successful program, Building a partnership relationship. In addition to the presentation of ideas and concepts, a “tool kit” will be presented. You will get ideas, techniques and tools you can use right away to improve your referral inflow!

Developing External Referral Sources

Good quality relationships with Centers of Influence are developed over time and often with significant and deliberate effort. In some markets this source of opportunities is more productive than others but seldom is the potential within this source fully realized. This presentation will outline the process of deliberate development of the external Centers Of Influence with ideas and tools to help the participants succeed.

Maximizing Client Relationships – “How well do you really know your clients?”

The key to profitability, efficiency and even growth is client management. This presentation will cover client segmentation – the why and how’s, Standards of Service and some basics of a Retention Calling program. In addition to the presentation, several tools will be provided that you can take back and use immediately! This program addresses how a relationship manager can get to know their clients at a deeper more productive level than in the past.  This presentation will also address how that client knowledge can be “institutionalized” and utilized. We will also address personality styles and how that affects client relationship management.

Organizing for Sales Success

What are the critical issues that must be addressed in the area of managing real producers.  As competition forces banks to sharpen their efforts in the area of sales and marketing, what are the best ways to respond to those issues? This executive level briefing will cover current best practices (and some of the tried and true solutions) in the areas of work load, staff deployment, job descriptions and compensation.

This session will offer practical suggestions taken from long experience in managing and consulting on sales culture issues in markets and institutions both large and small.



Trust Management Oriented Topics

“Industry metrics:What is good performance?”

How does a Trust department get measured? How do you get measured? We will present statistics from our TRUSTCOMPARE®, Pricecompare™ and Compcompare™ services which derive data from subscribers from around the country. We will discuss growth, profitability, productivity, compensation and conversion ratios. Not only will you get statistics but some fascinating interpretations. This presentation will provide the audience information usable in business and strategic planning.

Pricing Trust and Advisory Services

This program focuses on strategic and tactical pricing issues. Market specific and competitive pricing concepts are addressed using data from our Pricecompare™ service. We will share fee schedule structure and format ideas. We will discuss the importance of tying standards of service to your pricing.  Fee Integrity will also be addressed. You will take away practical ideas for enhancing your Trust revenue through the development of an appropriate fee routine.