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Sales Organizational Leadership Development (SOLD) Workshop- Virtual Program
March 20-22, 2024

Sales Organizational Leadership Development (SOLD) Workshop- Virtual Program $995*

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The Sales Management Workshop

 March 20-22, 2024

Virtual Program

Are your salespeople and relationship managers as good as they could be?  Are they as good as they should be?  If not, who is helping them get better?  How is your organization giving them the skills, confidence, and background to be effective?

It is impossible to build a successful sales culture without the fundamental tools of sales management.  All too often, we take our most successful salesperson and make him or her the manager.  In the process, we lose our best salesperson and get a mediocre (if we’re lucky) sales manager.  Then we throw empty slogans and temporary training ideas and silly sales promotions at the problem to try to improve sales performance

If you want to build a sales culture; have a successful sales force; and have continued improvement from the entire staff, you need sales leadership.  You need leadership that provides feedback and direction and measurement and help.  Unfortunately, too few “sales managers” truly understand the importance of leading and managing the process.

For over 30 years we’ve helped sales leaders in honing their skills in leading productive sales teams. Sales Organization Leadership Development (SOLD), our sales management workshop, is designed for every level of management —CEOs; COOs; managers of commercial, trust, and retail departments; branch managers; and managers of staff functions, such as marketing and human resources.

We have virtualized this program for 2024 delivery. This will be delivered in three 1/2 day (9:30am-1:15pm CENTRAL TIME) sessions on consecutive days. There is a required one hour “orientation” session on March 4th (at 1:30pm central time) to test technology and to share some introductory material.

Sales Organization Leadership Development (or SOLD) provides all attendees with valuable tools and skills to help:

  • Make better hiring choices
  • Provide effective coaching and skill development
  • Plan and conduct effective sales meetings
  • Establish reward and recognition programs
  • Create an effective sales management infrastructure

We will provide all attendees with the tools they need for success and the confidence and methodology they need for a successful implementation.  In today’s fast-paced, super-competitive marketplace, no organization can afford to be without skilled managers at every level.  Seldom do managers—especially new managers—receive the training they need in order to be truly successful.  This could be one of the very best investments you ever make!

If you have questions about The Sales Management Workshop, please call Loyd Pohl at (800) 677-7432 ext. 4002.

Only one open registration workshop is held each year.  If you have eight or more possible registrants, ask us about an “in-house” workshop for your organization.


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