Wealth Executive Forum 2019
September 29, 2019
Relationship Sales Workshop November 2019
November 6-8, 2019
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May 6-8, 2020
Private Banking Executive Roundtable
June 3 & 4, 2020

Wealth Executive Forum 2019 $395*

Doubletree Lisle/Naperville, IL / Hotel Reservations
3003 Corporate West Drive
Lisle, IL 60532
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September 29-October 1, 2019

 “Leaders are known by the company they keep.” *

Could you use a “brainstorming” session with experts and peers? Do you ever wish you had someone who could be a source of new ideas? Are you ever at a loss about the best way to resolve an issue? We all need inspiration, help or support somewhere along the line. This annual gathering of Trust and Investment Managers is unlike any other conference you might attend.

Here’s why this is the most valuable conference you’ll attend this year:

  • You’re meeting in an informal but structured setting with other managers from across the country who have encountered the same challenges you have, sharing ideas and asking questions of one another.
  • Discuss subjects of importance to you while listening to qualified speakers – ask specific questions and get specific answers from people who have shared the same experience. Find out what your peers are doing – and why.
  • Share revenue, staff, profit and growth numbers with top-performing managers from across the country.
  • Participate in the Idea Exchange where everyone gets 15 to 30 “new” ideas. “Leaders work with leaders.” *The Idea Exchange is an opportunity to interact with you peers, ask and learn.

Past Wealth Executive participants have brought exciting ideas for everyone in attendance . . . ideas you can use when you get back home! Group lunches and dinners sponsored by participating vendors increase the networking opportunities and the fun!

This may be one of the best investments you make all year – and the investment is only $395. Register now – mark your calendar – and look forward to an inspiring and stimulating experience. Mail or fax your registration as soon as possible, or register online above.

Our Keynote Presentation:

Behaviorally SMART Financial Advice Presentation Outline

The presentation will address how unknown behaviors which intensify through unmanaged differences, money attitudes, pressure and emotions derail performance. The participants will experience how a proven Behaviorally SMART methodology combining unique financial personality discovery, technology and facilitation can be used to guide and liberate people so that they do not make emotional decisions under pressure which sabotage their relationships, long-term horizon goals and performance.

Attendee’s will learn how to:

  • Advise clients and families using practical financial personality insights and powerful questions.
  • Place the client’s life at the center of a goals-based financial planning process.
  • Identify and mitigate behavioral attitudes, habits, motivations and biases impacting advisor, client and family decisions.
  • Add 150 bps points of client value by behaviorally managing client emotions.
  • Charge retainer based fees and grow revenue by over 23% per year from increased referrals, retention and share of wallet.

Hugh Massie’s Speaking Bio:

Hugh is a global human performance accelerator, behavioral insights pioneer, entrepreneur, mentor, devoted father and keen golfer.

He spends his time traveling the world encouraging advisors and business leaders to discover how unknown behaviors which intensify through unmanaged differences, money attitudes, pressure and emotions derail performance. He encourages advisors and leaders to adopt an understanding people-before-numbers approach to managing life, finances and business for accelerating human performance. Since 2001, as founder and CEO of DNA Behavior, his behavioral management solutions have impacted millions of people in over 125 countries and 11 languages, including investors with assets from $1 to over $1billion, over 20,000 advisors and leaders of more than 5,000+ businesses.Hugh is the author of “Financial DNA – Discovering Your Unique Financial Personality for a Quality Life” and the forthcoming (September 2019) “Leadership Behavior DNA: Discovering Your Unique Talents,” with co-author Lee Ellis.

See you September 29th!
*Leadership quotes on this page are courtesy of Tom Peters ( in Fast Company Magazine’s March, 2001 issue.