Pohl Consulting
and Training, Inc.

Electronic Check Processing

Since 1975 we have been helping financial service organizations meet their needs and overcome their challenges. Others will tell you that a business is a business; that it doesn’t matter if you are offering electronics, software, widgets or financial services. We know that’s simply NOT the case. Our sole focus in consulting and sales and service training is financial services organizations. Many know us through TRUSTCOMPARE® and its suite of benchmarking tools that provide clients with critical benchmarking data for planning and productivity improvement, or through our most recent evolutionary addition, Wealth Management Compliance Alliance.

Our expertise includes:

  • organizational analysis on profitability
  • operating systems and efficiencies, including personnel assessment,
  • selection and placement
  • management development
  • sales and service culture implementation including the training that supports these culture initiatives

Our training programs address a broad range of staff development needs. Typically training is delivered onsite at your location; our Relationship Sales and Sales Organization Leadership Development (Sales Management) programs are also conducted on an open-registration basis.

Ask our clients, they will tell you- we develop long-term client relationships and provide quality ongoing service. Together we build the type of customer-oriented, excellence-driven teams that will be the ultimate winners.

How did we get to be who we are today?

Pohl Consulting and Training traces its roots back to 1975. We were one of the first to offer sales-oriented consulting and training to the financial services industry. Our initial clients were bank Trust Departments, and very quickly financial institutions became more aware of the critical needs to grow their commercial and retail groups. A number of our clients asked us to bring our expertise into other areas of the bank.

As the industry evolved, so did the firm and our services. On the Wealth Management side, we developed expertise in the integration of Trust and Brokerage and expanded into the RIA and Retail Investment space. On the Retail/Commercial side, we provide consulting and training to help organizations adapt to changing retail sales and service models and the changes in how business banking/commercial loan departments compete for new business. You may have noticed that waiting for the business to come to you is no longer a viable approach to business development!

In 2000, our CEO Loyd Pohl acquired the firm at which he was the Sr. Consultant – Robert H. Franke & Associates – and subsequently changed the name. The firm continued to evolve, and with the acquisition of TRUSTCOMPARE® and its suite of benchmarking tools in 2007 we are able to assist clients with critical benchmark data for planning and productivity improvements. In 2013, our evolution to meet our clients’ needs continued and we added Wealth Management Compliance Alliance to our array of services.