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Insight™ Trust Industry Analysis Quarterly Report

What’s happening in the Trust Industry during the last quarter and year?

What can I share with my Board or Trust Committee to help them understand our industry?

What are the trends in growth, profitability and other metrics?
These questions and many others can be answered with a subscription to our Insight™ Industry Analysis Report. Each quarter we extract data from the FFIEC call report submissions and prepare an analysis of metrics that we can derive from that data. We prepare a report that provides summary data and an analysis of what that data tells us. The report provides industry data and performance metrics at several levels, from the entire industry to market segments defined by size. Using these breakdowns, you can easily see overall trends for the industry but also for the specific market segment corresponding to your organizations size.   We provide quarterly calculations so you can determine how your organization fits within your market segment. We also highlight top performing organizations within each market segment.   In addition, each Quarterly report will have a special emphasis:

  • Q1 – Revenue
  • Q2 – Assets
  • Q3 – Accounts
  • Q4 – Profitability

Our goal is to make this report an integral part of the tools you use to manage your organization. We believe it will be beneficial at every level of your organization.

All you need to do is subscribe. Each quarter the report will be emailed out to the subscribers as soon as it is completed.

There is no need to subscribe if you are currently a Trustcompare® subscriber, we will forward you each issue quarterly and complimentary. If you do not currently subscribe to Trustcompare, the fee for the quarterly reports is $285 annually.

For more information contact:
Loyd Pohl, CEO
Pohl Consulting and Training, Inc