Organizational Consulting


The first step in any development program is an assessment of the current situation in the organization.  Without that first step the solutions may not be focused on the realities of the organizations culture, history, structure and attitude.

The assessment process generally includes an infrastructure assessment, face to face interviews with management and a cross section of staff, staff assessment tools including self assessments and personality evaluations, staff  surveys and occasionally client surveys.


Infrastructure Assessment:

This is a review of the organization’s current tools, processes and systems.  The Request for Information will likely include:

  • Policies and Procedures (as relevant)
  • Activity, Progress and Results Measurement systems
  • Strategic and Business Plans
  • Financial Histories and Budgets
  • Compensation Program Documentation
  • Fee Schedules
  • Work Load Assessments
  • All documentation which provides insight into what you are doing now

Management and Staff Interviews:

We will conduct on-site interviews with your Management team to determine precisely what the objectives are and why they exist, the current plan to achieve those goals and the management teams capacity and capabilities.

We will interview key players in your organization to assess the capability and capacity of the team, the penetration of the infrastructure to the “front line” and the attitude of the team members.  The interviews are typically conducted with a cross-section of staff; however, with smaller organizations we might interview all or most team members.

Often organization assessment tools are deployed in a survey or self-assessment model.  We often deploy culture surveys, self assessment questionnaires, management surveys and occasionally personality assessments.

The primary output of the Organizational Assessment is a comprehensive report linking a list of organizational goals (established by management) to the current environment with a focus on recommendations for efficiently and effectively achieving those goals.

This report is often presented in an onsite meeting to discuss the Report findings and recommendations with all interested members of senior management occassionally including board-level committees.