Trust Administration and Operation

Trust Administration and Operation

Is your Trust Administration and Operations group properly aligned to support relationship-oriented customer service delivery? A properly-staffed, well-defined Trust organization can be a major contributor to growth and profitability, as well as a key determinant in the strength of relationships with many upscale customers. Ensuring an efficient, defined and customer-focused service delivery system can be the basis of an organization’s reputation with this select customer base.

In order to deliver the coordinated, relationship-oriented service delivery system that most financial organizations require of their Trust components today, the administrative and operations support systems must be efficient and effective. Too often, service delivery is fragmented and product-driven.

Pohl Consulting and Training, Inc. is uniquely qualified to analyze the current service delivery in Trust Departments, particularly in the areas of :

  • Current and projected staff needs
  • Identification of specific areas for improved efficiency
  • Assessment of need and methods to improve administrative and operations controls
  • Enhancement of the Trust areas role within overall organization   operations
  • Alternative operations and investment options
  • Job descriptions, written policies covering discharge of fiduciary duties, investment policy, written procedures for operational and administrative functions

An on-site analysis of the current delivery system with specific recommendations for improvement and an eye toward profitability and controlled growth can be the best investment a financial service organization makes in its future. Pohl Consulting and Training, Inc. has the proven ability to assist Trust and Wealth Management Managers in their quest for excellent customer service and contribution to organization growth and profitability.