Global Securities

Maintaining your competitive edge can be challenging and complex.  If your strategy includes international investment considerations, Pohl Consulting and Training can assist!

Whether you’re looking to reclaim tax for ADRs to increase return, to provide foreign exchange services, or looking for a global custodian to provide multi-currency and custody alternatives, we can help.  Pohl Consulting and Training will help you maneuver through the complexities of planning and executing multinational trade objectives.

Investment in foreign securities is key in the diversification of investment risk.  Today investment opportunities cross borders, and foreign investment offers opportunities in different geographic regions and economies.  International exposure is key to a truly diversified portfolio.


ADRs provide U.S. investors an opportunity to own non-U.S. stocks without the complexity of international settlement. ADRs are not subject to stock transaction taxes.   Dividends paid in countries with tax treaty agreements are paid without foreign withholding.  Those dividends paid by countries without tax treaty rates have taxes withheld, which can only be reclaimed at source.   GDRs, much less prevalent and available in fewer markets, are used to raise capital and can be a valuable asset.


Forex is the global marketplace for currencies, and an exchange of currencies is no longer solely the realm of international travelers.  Receivables and payables may require currency conversion, and currency futures may be required.  Avoidance of foreign exchange transactions can detract from performance and compromise fiduciary responsibilities.  When foreign exchange accounts are required, your middle office should ensure appropriate control across all applications.


Sometimes to accommodate demand in international securities, or the need for multi-currency reporting, an  organization will look to outsourcing.  Pohl Consulting and Training can help you find the sub-custodian that is right for you and can provide guidance on middle office activities, such as:

  • Monitoring of sub-custody network
  • Understanding global market settlement practices
  • Monitoring and reporting of global dividends, income and maturities
  • Design or monitoring of tax reclaim processes

When you’re looking for a partner in navigating your unique global security needs, or you’d like to analyze or implement a global solution, Pohl Consulting and Training can help keep the ship steady!