Trust Department Operations Conversion Management

You have defined the role needed as a project manager for the Trust Accounting System conversion.

The objectives are:

  1. A smooth and successful conversion to the new system.
  2. An understanding of the changes in processes and functions that will result from changing both the operating system and the outsourcing vendor.
  3. Comfort that the project management will be synchronized with Department management through regular communication.
  4. An assessment of the Trust Operations staff as they respond to the challenges of the conversion and the new operating system and procedures.


Request for Information

We will send you a list of information that we would like to review prior to the orientation/assessment visit.  We anticipate executing a non-disclosure agreement prior to or as part of this step.

On-site Visit – Orientation/Assessment 

This will be a visit to become familiar with the Wealth Management staff and the vendors conversion team.  We will become familiar with the current processes and system utilization.  Feedback from the first trial conversion will be reviewed.  The conversion timeline will be reviewed with the teams and management.  This visit will include the day of the 2nd Trial Conversion and the day following to observe the conversion,

On-site Visit – Trial Conversion

We will be on-site to participate in the debriefing with the vendor and help define the additional preparation tasks evidenced by the trial conversion.

On-site Visit – Training Visit

We will be on-site during the training conducted by the vendor.  We will participate in the training and help management and the vendor determine the readiness of the team for the conversion.

On-site Visit – Conversion Week

We will be on-site the week off the conversion.

Off-Site Support

We will be available for off-site support as needed.  Weekly telephone calls (starting immediately) will be scheduled with the conversion team and we will participate in or facilitate those calls.  We will utilize Go-To-Meeting when screen sharing is needed for productive interactions.