Trust Workflow Recovery

Tough economic times are forcing tough staffing decisions.  Organizations are finding they are not allowed to fill open support positions or, in some cases, having to eliminate several positions.  And of course, this is happening when the work loads are increasing and the risks inherent in the Trust business are greater than ever.

Reducing staff in support functions (operations or administration) is perhaps the best of bad choices you have to make.  But you need to survive that reduction in force with your service processes and risk management processes intact.

Service Management

No position that is being “reduced” is without a current role in the functioning of your operations and/or administrative functions.    Pulling that position out of the function will negatively impact either internal service or (worse) external service.

Risk Management

With a reduction of support staff your risk of operational losses increases dramatically.  No risk assessment process can effectively predict operational losses at an account level.  Operational losses are predicted by staff competency, staff capacity and the quality of the policies and procedures.  All of those three components can be negatively affected by a staff reduction.

Workflow Recovery

We come on-site with a team of experienced trust professionals to work with your team to restructure the workflow and processes to help you survive the staff reductions.

We start with an assessment of your procedures, job descriptions and job functions.  The team is heavily involved in defining their current roles and functions.   They will be asked to complete a job matrix that includes all the tasks and functions they fulfill and defines depth and back up for each function.  We interview staff and management and review the infrastructure of the department.  We address not only operational and administrative processes but include an assessment of the internal flow of information critical to external client service.

The results of the process are:

  • Recommended changes to the job matrix (job descriptions and responsibility)
  • Recommended changes to workflow within each function and across functional lines