Trust Investments

Trust Investments.

How confident are you that your Trust Investment Program stands out as a well-thought-out investment program attentive to clients’ objectives and risk constraints? How consistent are you in carefully documenting and committing this to writing? How satisfied are your clients, your regulators and your share holders with your performance? The investment process may be either a key component in a Trust relationship or it may be a stand-alone service. Either way it is an essential part of your value proposition. Your ability to provide a comprehensive and marketable service at a reasonable profit is essential to your success.

Pohl Consulting and Training, Inc. has a long and successful track-record of providing consulting services to help you:

  • Analyze the feasibility of providing in-house investment capabilities or outsourcing the investment function
  • Define and establish an investment management process
  • Determine the appropriate level and method of client communication based on the client desire and your fiduciary responsibility.
  • Develop and draft an investment policy statement
  • Implement procedures consistent with the developed investment policy statement
  • Enhance the risk management aspects of the investment management processes.
  • Draft the required procedures manual
  • Ascertain the pros and cons of using mutual funds and asset allocation models as a method of providing investment services

Recruit qualified investment professionals.