6 Steps for Generating More Referrals

A Guide for Financial Advisors


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eBook – 6 Steps for Generating More Referrals – A Guide for Financial Advisors

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Are you a financial advisor looking to take your practice to new heights? Discover the untapped potential of referrals with our comprehensive eBook, designed to help you seamlessly integrate referral generation into your strategy.

Why Do Referrals Matter to Financial Advisors?

Referral leads convert 30% better than leads from other sources.

Referred clients have a 37% higher retention rate and generate 16% more profits.

About the Author

Director of RIA and Advisory Consulting

Jeff partners with Independent Financial Advisors and RIAs to optimize their practice and grow their business. He has more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, starting his career as a financial advisor at a national Broker Dealer, a Regional Director at two Turnkey Asset Management Platforms (TAMPs), a Senior Managing Director in Wealth Management/Trust at a bank, and as VP of Wealth Management at an RIA.

What You'll Learn

Step 1: Set Your Mind Right
Uncover and overcome the misconceptions that may be holding you back from asking for referrals.

Step 2: Target Clients Strategically
Identify the clients with the highest potential for providing high-quality referrals.

Step 3: Define Your Ideal Client
Craft a detailed profile of your ideal client to enhance your referral strategy.

Step 4: Perfect Timing and Frequency
Learn the art of timing your referral requests for optimal results.

Step 5: Master the Ask
Discover the delicate process of making effective referral requests without sounding pushy.

Step 6: Elevate Your Strategy
Explore advanced techniques to continuously improve your referral generation approach.

What's Inside?

  • Practical techniques and real-world examples tailored for financial advisors.
  • Actionable steps for overcoming common referral generation challenges.
  • Expert insights to help you build trust and connections with clients.
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