Retain and obtain quality people!
The most reliable Trust Compensation and Wealth Management data in the banking industry. Trust Compensation data on 30 common positions.

Are you asking yourself any of the following questions about Trust Compensation?

  • Are my people appropriately paid?
  • How should I price a new position or a new incumbent to a position?
  • Where does my salary/compensation fit the market place?

We keep hearing about the need for trust compensation comparison data on trust and wealth management positions. There are many reasons for this need including the need to retain quality people. Unfortunately, many other sources of trust compensation data are woefully lacking. As an answer to the above concerns and as a solution to your need, we offer you Compcompare™.

What Trust Compensation Data do you Provide?

Annually we conduct a Trust Compensation Survey (includes wealth management) that collects information on the following positions:

  • Trust Department Manager
  • Ttust Company CEO
  • Chief Fiduciary Officer
  • Trust Compliance Officer
  • Trust Chief Financial Officer
  • Trust Business Development Officer
  • Personal Trust Department Manager
  • Wealth Advisor
  • Trust Marketing Officer
  • Trust Tax Officer
  • Financial Planner
  • Personal Trust Officer
  • Trust Administrator
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Trust Employee Benefits Manager
  • Employee Benefits Administrator / Relationship Manager
  • Retirement Plan Services Administrator
  • Employee Benefit Recordkeeping Specialist
  • Employee Benefit Education Specialist
  • Trust Investment Manager
  • Trust Portfolio Manager
  • Investment Assistant
  • Trust Operations Manager
  • Trust Operations Supervisor
  • Mutual Fund Processing Specialist
  • Remittance Specialist
  • Trust Operation Project Specialist
  • Fixed Income Trading Specialist
  • Equity Trading Specialist

We collect the following trust compensation data points on these positions:

  • Market Population
  • Size of Organization by revenue
  • Benefits and Payroll Tax
  • Base Salary
  • Bonus Paid
  • Bonus Potential
  • Incentives earned
  • Incentive Potential
  • Rank and Title
  • Certifications
  • Highest Education Level
  • Years of Total Experience
  • Years with the Organization
  • Years in Current Position
  • Manages a Book of Business (Y/N)

Which Report should I get?

The Basic Compcompare Report presents trust compensation data points on seven positions and the Comprehensive Compcompare report could present as many as twenty-eight. There are positions that are less common than others and – depending on the survey participants – we may not have adequate data for all the positions. Positions with less than four data points were not reported.

What About Cost of Living Adjustments?

All of the trust compensation data points are adjusted to a common zip code using a cost of living factor. The adjusted data is then adjusted to the primary zip code for your organization. The methodology of equalizing the data to your zip code utilizes a website that has been utilized effectively by our executive search and consulting services for a long period of time. We have found the “adjustments” generally fit the reality that we observe in our practices as a firm.

How much is the report?

Small Department/Company Report Position   
Basic: $725*

Large Department/Company Report Position
Comprehensive: $1,150*

Independent Trust Company: $1,150*

*If you are a Data Participant – providing your salary information in the Data Collection Phase – there is a
$200 discount from the above prices.

For more information contact:
Loyd Pohl, CEO
Pohl Consulting and Training, Inc

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